Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thing 10: Sharing Photos

I was surprised to see only the two instant photo apps listed in the section on sharing photos. I have not gotten into this phenomenon at all. My friend Sherill loves sharing photos instantly with her family - especially those of her grandchildren - and I guess perhaps if I had grandchildren I might jump on this craze.

I have played around with both Instagram and Snapchat and I just can't get excited about either one. I'll keep trying, since I have accounts, but perhaps I just need a better topic. :)

In the meantime I wanted to mention my favorite ways of sharing photos: Shutterfly. This is the answer I think is best for teachers. It's not that I think Shutterfly is better than any of the others. Most of the options offered in that service are also available in Snapfish (and others), as well as through local retail photo shops like Target and Walgreens. I just happen to think that Shutterfly works well.

Here is the information I like to share with teachers on using Shutterfly in school:

1    You must have a Shutterfly account. You can create an account within the app.
      The Shutterfly for iPad app allows you to upload pictures and display them as a slideshow. Very limited!
      1. The Shutterfly for iPhone app allows you to order prints, create projects with 1 photo: mugs, mousepads, plaques, iPhone/iPad cases, etc. You can edit and crop 1 image at a time. You can also view special offers.
      2.     Once your photos are uploaded, visit on your computer. When you log in you will see all of your photos that were uploaded on your device.
      3.     The projects on the web are limitless!

Items you can create:
Photo books
Cards and stationary and letterhead
iPhone covers, mouse pads, calendars
Coffee mugs, water bottles
Stickers, plaques, puzzles, collage posters
Coasters, t-shirts, magnets, key rings
Luggage tags, decks of cards, notepads

Create a book from your class pictures. Share it with your parents via email. If they choose to they can purchase any picture or purchase the entire book.
Use the pictures to create thank you gifts for classroom volunteers.
Create classroom posters, calendars or signs.
Create a collage of pictures from the year.
Use students to help with your center and poster signage.
Take pictures of groups of students holding large tagboard. Use these as artwork for your classroom or for newsletters or to post on your webpage.  
      Use the app to have your pictures printed. You can have them shipped to your door or select delivery to Walgreens or WalMart. Most offer 1 hour processing.

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