Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thing 11: Library & Reference

I was very excited to get to this thing! I really want to be able to provide easy access to all of my resources for students and staff, and I think that having an app would be the way to go. I've tried using Symbaloo and creating our PR Library app, but it really doesn't work that well on a device smaller than an iPad (so phones just really don't work). Our school website has a neat built-in phone app, and I'm hoping that I can make that work for my library.

I began, however, by creating an app for the library in an online app creator called "Appypie". It was EASY to use. I was able to create a beautiful website using links for our library circulation, our webpage, contact information, resource links, ELM, and other important links. I thought it looked great and I was really excited to use it. Doesn't it look awesome?

When I finished creating it I was getting all excited about how I could use it. However, when I got to the publishing page I found out you can only publish it if you pay. So much for a free app! I guess next time I should read the fine print before I spend time creating the tool.

It did give me a change to think about how I would like my app to look, and I really think I can get my Edline webpage to publish a similar type of app. I'm not quite sure how to get it out to students, but I guess posting or sharing a QR code is probably the way to go.

Considering an app such as this I would like it to be the first stop for my users. They should be able to access contact information and library hours, our book checkout/OPAC system, the school webpage, our Symbaloo links, and the ELM databases.

I loved seeing the library apps that were posted. They were beautiful! I only hope one day to have one to show off as well!

But so far, here's what I have:
I'll keep working on it and hopefully one day I'll have an app that is useful. I hope if anyone finds any free options for creating an app they'll share the news!

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