Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thing 8: Social Media Management Tools

After spending way too much time playing with these tools I am still hopelessly overwhelmed! I feel like I've wasted many hours of my life setting up new accounts and attaching my other accounts together. Do I really want all these people and apps to know this much about me? It seems awfully personal and honestly, it makes me a little nervous.

I admit that I have been a dabbler on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In for many years (since 2007, according to Facebook - who knows more about me than I know about myself). I use all of these tools in streaks. Facebook is one that I may check every couple of days. I may comment or like a few items my friends have shared, enjoy a few pictures, and that's about it, but I find it a great way to contact a person I haven't seen in a while and also to have private messaging conversations when necessary. I've also liked Linked In for keeping track of more business-related contacts, and for providing an easy tool to connect and communicate with them. Twitter is a tool I use for quick reference, during conferences, to keep up with trending topics, and to check up on my son (a regular tweeter). I don't take advantage of any of these for promoting my blog posts or for expressing my opinions, and I probably should do that. Someday! Perhaps I lack the confidence to share with everyone at this point.

I spent far too much time on GetGlue, or Tagtv, as it is called now. I selected all my favorite sports teams, tv shows and movies, connected my social networks, checked in that I was watching the Olympics, and earned about 5 stickers (including one really cool animated sticker!) Now, will I continue to check in every time I watch tv? I'm not so sure about that. And will I find any purpose for doing all this? It just seems so trivial to me. I've used my social networking either to connect professionally or to keep in contact with friends and relatives. I don't really know if I want to discuss everything I watch on tv with a bunch of potential strangers. In my contacts on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook I wasn't able to locate any people I knew that I could connect with - so I would be meeting virtual people, and that seems a little strange to me.

The other tool I'm testing out is Cloze, which tells me it will keep me connected to all my closest friends. It made me feel incredibly nervous as it connected all of my networks together. Honestly, this took about 1/2 hour! Once it was complete I was able to open the app and all of my connections are listed by categories - I can really see who I spend the most time following and sharing with! This app seems to be one that I could be very excited about. My hope is that it will connect everything into one app and I won't have to check several different apps to see what's happening.

Here's what my app looks like.  About all I can tell from this is that I have way too many messages to read! I'll let you know how I feel about it after I've given it some time. In the meantime, happy posting.

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