Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thing 9: Taking and Editing Photos

No photo blog post is complete without some ways to get photos from one spot to another. Transfer your photos easily from iPad to iPhone to computer and back again with Photosync. It's an app that goes for about $1.99, but is well worth the cost. Simply install the app on your devices and then the software on your computer(s). It works with both a Mac and a PC and allows slick transfer of photos from any device to any other. Awesome tool!!

I've also just discovered Instashare, which works in much the same way, but you can share more items that just images. It also works between any devices in which it's installed, and it's a free app. Pretty impressive little tool!

Now for the editing part:
ColorSplurge: This seems like a lot of silly fun to me. Although I loved playing with the little child in the cap with the big flower, I had a hard time finding images of my own that I would like to select a focal point and give it a bright color. However, years ago when my niece got engaged, we posed her with her parents and sister all oohing over the "big ring" - and we put the only spot of color on the ring on her left hand. The resulting picture was adorable, and became their Christmas card that year. I guess other than that and new babies, I'm not sure when I would use this app.

CamMe is awesome and will make those "selfies" much easier to time. I think this is an amazing idea - being able to tell your camera when to snap the picture. Ingenious - and it works well too!

Then I began playing with LINE - and here was where I had the most fun ever! Using the beauty setting to get rid of a few wrinkles was truly excellent: thank you Line! Then I began using the collage page, and this is where LINE really shines! Here are a few of the collages I enjoyed putting together. It's easy - and so useful for school use. I encourage you to download this free app today!

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  1. I like your Line photos -- especially the kids with their devices and the trees!