Friday, March 14, 2014

QR Codes in the Classroom

Reading QR Codes:
To read QR codes your device needs a scanning app such as Scan. There are many free apps to choose from:
  • SCAN: QR Code and Barcode Reader
  • ScanLife: Barcode Scanner & QR Code ReaderYou can also add a barcode generator app to your Google homepage so you can read QR codes with a laptop with built-in camera. Try:
            Free QR Code Generator
When you have the app installed, simply open it, aim the camera at the QR code, and the app will do the rest.

Additional information on using QR codes in the classroom can be found on Kathy Schrocks webpage at:

Creating QR Codes:
To create QR codes you need either a QR code generating app or webpage. I recommend: GOQR ME!
You can create a QR code that points to a URL (web address), a box of text, a call, text message or contact information.
Usually you will be using your QR code to link to a website (URL), which could include a link to a youtube video as well.
Steps for linking to a URL:
1. Go to the website you want to create the QR code to link to. As an example, I want to link to the ELM database Kids Infobits, which is great for elementary student research (but the URL is very long and it is hard for students to key in).

2. Go directly to the page you want students to land on, or access first. You’ll create your QR code to link directly here. Copy this URL by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl-C on your computer (or bypressing the word “copy” on your iPad.

3. Now open the website or open your app if you have a QR code generator app.
Click to the URL tab and paste the address you just copied into the URL box. You can do this by pressing Ctrl-V.

4. The QR code will automatically generate in the box to the right.
Now you can download the QR code to your own computer. [If you are using an iPad you can paste the image of the QR code directly into your document, email it or save it in your images.]
  1. Select the Open button.
  2. The QR code will open in a new window
  3. Right-click on the QR code and select “Save this image as...”
  4. Choose the location to save the QR code. Be sure to give it a recognizable name so you can use it again.
5. Once you have saved a QR code you can use it in any word document (or simply print it from the page you created it on). To do this:
  1. Open a word document.
  2. Type in your title, heading, or anything else you’d like to have printed on the page
  3. Insert the QR code as a regular picture
  4. Print out your page and post it in a logical location

What can you use QR codes for?
  • To play a Youtube video
  • To ease installing an app from the App Store or Android Market
  • To send a predefined short message
  • To call a phone number
  • To show contact data as a vCard/meCard
  • To show your branding on textiles (T-shirts, bags) and other articles like mugs 
  • To link to blogs or on websites of your own
  • To share a shortcut to a website
  • To post a link to an activity/link for the iPads
  • To post larger amounts of content to support an image or poster
My favorite QR code video: 

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