Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thing 18: Education

These are some of the educational apps I recommend to teachers in different areas:

Questimate: A fun app that really makes you think about sizes and weights. Answer questions like: "How many yoga mats would be as long as a minivan?" and then you make your guess and find out how close you are. You gain lives by making good guesses, and lose lives when you guess is too far off.

Geoboard: Remember the geoboards we used to use to illustrate shapes and lines by hooking rubberbands around the pegs? This is the same type of geoboard, but you never have to worry about your rubberbands breaking or flying across the room!

Flash to Pass: This is a flashcard practice app that allows you to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Number Pieces: A great app for visualizing place value. You can break your ten sticks into ones, or hundreds into tens. When you create a new grouping of ten you can snap the ten ones together into a ten stick, or snap a grouping of ten tens into a hundred block.

BupplePop: See how many bubbles you can pop by selecting the products. Although the free version only has multiplication, this can be a fun way to get your practice in.

Chicken Coop Fractions: Move the nest to the correct spot on the line to catch the eggs. This activity really helps students feel comfortable with different size fractions.

Reading and Writing
Kidblog: Create a class blog and set up blogs for your students that are secure and kid-friendly.

Timed Reading: Select a story and have your students read orally. This app times how long it takes them to read the story and keeps track of their progress.

Spelling City: One of the best apps for practicing spelling words. Teachers can input their spelling lists and make them available for students to practice, either on an iPad or on a computer at the Spelling City website.

Heart Decide: An app that allows you to open up the heart and explore every part. There are also "Decide" apps for the hand, the eye, the knee, and more! 

Social Studies
50 State Info: Provides detailed information about each state's facts, information and symbols. Excellent resource for those state projects!

All subject areas
Brainpop & Brainpop Jr: Short video clips that explain concepts in every subject area. These are a great way to introduce a new unit or theme.

ClassDojo: A behavior management app that allows you to reward good behavior. Children can edit their own charactrers and participate in the classroom behavior program.

TooNoisy: This app shows a smiley face as long as the room is quiet. Too much noise and the meter rises. You can adjust the sensitivity and use the app to help your students monitor their own noise level.

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