Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thing 19: Hobbies

This topic makes me feel hopelessly boring and uninvolved! I guess I have very few hobbies that are unrelated to education, because I don't feel like I have much to share! At least, nothing that I haven't already shared.

One app that I use all the time is my DISH Anywhere app. I can use this app to connect with the DISH Network receiver in my house. This receiver is connected to the wifi in my home, so as long as I am in wireless access I can view live TV and do a number of amazing things. If there's a show I want to watch that I've forgotten to tape I can set my receiver to record it. In addition, though, if there's a live show I want to see I can watch it LIVE on my iPad! This has been great when I'm away from home but really want to catch up with this week's showing of Downton Abbey - or even if I'm sitting in the living room with my husband who has sports on the TV I can watch The Voice on my iPad. This addition to my network TV subscription has been amazing and has really changed the way I watch TV.

I go in streaks with my health consciousness as well, and so apps that help me keep track of the steps I walk or the foods I eat are top priorities on my iPad. Two apps that I have enjoyed using the most are the Fitbit app (which connects with my Fitbit Flex). I have used a variety of diet and exercise apps and have found them to be excellent. Many of them do the same thing. They allow you to keep track of the food you eat and the calories you consume, and also keep track of how much you exercise. Since these often give us the motivation to exercise more or eat better, these are great apps for any user. Most also have communities, where you can share your successes and frustrations and receive that extra support you need. One that is pretty highly recommended is Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal, but seriously, there are many, many top contenders in this area.

I am also a big sports fan, following Minnesota teams in all sports, as well as some college teams. I like using the ESPN Sports Center app for continual updates on all your favorite teams. If you're a sports fan you'll know that there are many different apps to follow. Try one out today!

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