Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sharing Resources with Symbaloo

Symbaloo is my favorite tool for organizing and sharing websites. It allows you to create tiles in a format that is easily shared and embedded into a website. The tiles are easy to sort, create, and edit, and creating multiple Symbaloo webmixes is quick and logical.

I have created Symbaloo webmixes for my high school library, and for most grade levels in the district. It is my hope that these are used extensively by students and staff. You can view my webmixes here:

To create your own Symbaloo webmix, visit and create an account.

Once you've created your account you are ready to start your first webmix. Start by naming your webmix and adding a tile. You can search for a tile or create your own by selecting a image to use. In this example I searched for CNN. 

I simply choose the style I like for my tile and click on it. The tile immediately jumps into the first open space in my webmix. 

I can continue to add tiles this way, filling in each space.

If you've added a tile, but want to organize the mix, you can drag the tiles around into any empty space, so you can create areas on your webmix for different types of resources.

There are also options to change the background image on your webmix, personalizing it to your situation.

When you've created a webmix you like, click "share" and you can share your webmix with the world (or with just those you choose. Webmixes make great additions to your website or blog. Here is a look at the options for your webmix:

Any time you want to update your webmix, log in and make those changes. Then click "update" from the top menu bar and you're set. Note that changes will not take effect until you update them this way.

A great handout is this PDF that comes from Symbaloo:

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  1. Excellent tutorial ..! If some of your students study French, maybe they will find some interest for my webmix :