Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thing 17: Connecting to Community

So many, many apps and websites have built-in communities that I find myself avoiding that part. Particularly when the app is just for fun, and not to support my PLN, I generally don't get involved in the back channel discussions and chatter. I just don't feel that I have the time.

My attitude is different, however, with the app Houzz. This app is unbelievable! If you love your home and dream of remodeling, adding on, or building new, this is the perfect resource and the perfect community!

With Houzz you can discuss any number of decorating and design questions and can answer or ask your own questions. You can post before and after photos, get color opinions, and much, much more!

You can also view ideabooks that various companies have created. In addition, you can find pros in your area for contracting, flooring, lighting, and everything else related to houses. Products are also clearly listed, so just about any item presented in the app can be available to you.

And then there are the photos: 2,916,619 at last count! Interested in creating a new kitchen space? Over 500 thousand pictures can guide your search! Home office? Over 40,000. There are over 155000 pictures of landscapes, 20,000 of closets, and almost 60,000 stairway photos! If you need images to help you with your house, Houzz is the place to look. 

Just for fun I'll share a bunch of screenshots that I took today. But for best results, download this app and join the community today!

Houzz app for iPad:

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