Friday, March 7, 2014

Thing 16: Audio

There are millions of reasons a teacher would want to be able to record audio on his/her iPad! These include simple things like recording directions for using a center or completing an activity, recording your read-alouds for children who are absent (or just for continued enjoyment), having students record themselves reading for evaluation of fluency or reading with expression, and so much more.

My three quick and easy apps for recording audio are:



I have used and recommend all three. They all work in similar ways. Click the record button, use pause when you need to, name your recording, and share it via email or through a wireless transfer to your PC or Mac. Recordings can be stored on your computer and shared in any way you share MP3s, including your own iTunes account. They all work great!

I also tried out Audioboo, and I can see that this will be a great app as well. I have worked with some friends who have recorded books for Minnesota's library for the blind and I think Audioboo would be a great tool to use for that.

I think it's important to remember that the iPad has some great accessibility options for those who need visual assistance through audio cues. Siri is a wonderful option, and great timesaver. The recording button on the keyboard is very helpful. If you have your settings set you can have the iPad read selected text in almost any app. Finally, using a dictionary app students can speak a word into the microphone and the dictionary will locate the word, show definition and uses, and can speak the word back. It certainly makes using a dictionary easier, more efficient and more effective! Try it out today!

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